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Air Volt | Portable Electric Air Pump

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Inflate your tires anytime and anywhere!

With this portable pump you always have a digital tyre pressure gauge at hand. Ideal for inflating car, motorbike and bicycle tires, but also airbeds and swimming pools.

The Air Volt pump makes inflating your tyies much easier. The pump is compact and easy to carry, making stops at the gas station just to inflate your tires unnecessary.

The  Air Volt™ is charged via a USB connection. When the pump is charged, it can be used without a wall socket. The pump can be used both at home and on the road.

The pump also functions as a digital presure gauge, and displays it on the LED screen, especially useful before a long drive. 

It is important to know how much pressure is needed for a particular object. The pump is adjustable from 0.1 to 10.5 bar. When the object is inflated to the desired amount, the device stops automatically.

How to use?

pump is easy to use in three simple steps:

  1. Connect the pump with your valve using the correct connector
  2. Select the desire amount of pressure
  3. Press the power button; the pump stops automatically when it hits the desired amount of air!



  • Compact and portable: It is no longer necessary to carry large, heavy compressors. This pump has a small, compact shape, making it easy to carry. The weight is 360 grams.
  • Readable screen: The screen is illuminated so that it can be read both during the day and in the dark. The pump is adjustable in 4 different units: (PSI, BAR, KPA and kg/cm2)
  • Multifunctional: The pump can be used not only to fill air, but also as a flashlight and power source. The battery has a rechargeable capacity of 2000mAh.
  • USB rechargeable: Since the pump is USB rechargeable, it can be used anywhere. It is also possible to charge the pump in the car. The pump can be used for 45 minutes without the need for a charger.