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Aero Cycling Helmet with Magnetic Eye Shield

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Impact Resistance

  • In-mold construction, with tough and durable PC material and high density EPS foam, the bike helmet can better manage the energy transfer after impact, help slow down the impact and protect the head.

Magnetic goggles
  • The detachable goggles can block the strong ultraviolet light to your eyes and protect your face against wind and sand. It can be moved up and down, easy to flip up or remove with one hand when not in use and attach it up on to the helmet.

Good Ventilation

  • Highly ventilated design on this cycling helmet, which confirms to aerodynamic, makes cool airflow over your head and takes away the excess heat while riding, allowing you to stay cool even in warmer climates.

Easy to Adjust

  • The bicycle helmet dial fit system allows for intuitive, one-handed micro-adjustments, tightness & height adjusting in one system, providing a precise and comfortable fit, which makes sure this helmet can fit most head shapes.