3 In 1 LED Saddle Bag


Engineered to keep your phone, camera, tools, wallets and any other necessities you need to take with you, safe and protected on your Cycling Adventures!  

The Saddle bag comes in two different Models, Standard or Premium Model. The biggest difference being the waterproof tail light and bag material. The Standard model does not come with a built in tail light, but a buckle is provided to install your own tail light.

Please refer to the chart below:

Unlike other Saddle Bicycle Bags, our bag comes with 3 Separate straps to prevent swaying and ensure the most secure connection possible to keep your personal belongings safe. 

Feel confident knowing the storage pouch is made of the highest quality Carbon Fibre Material to ensure complete waterproof sealing, with extreme ease to clean to withstand whatever trail or terrain your Cycling hobby takes you! 

The pouch was also designed with a waterproof adhesive heavy duty zipper, to keep water out and ensure your personal belongings stay safe and secure so you can cycle stress free! 

Besides the waterproof features (Premium Model), the bag is composed of many Multi-Functional Features & Benefits: 

  • Reflective Stripe to ensure visibility and prevent accidents so you can stay safe.
  • Bottle Compartment with Secure Band, to keep your bottle secure so you can stay hydrated and reach your peak performance.
  • Plastic handle & Velcro Strap for easy and hassle free install, so you can pack up and just Grab and Go!