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CycleComfy 9D Cycling Underwear

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Whether you’re a mountain biker a street rider or you just like to ride around town, one things’s for sure - our padded cycling underwear will eliminate those painful, annoying saddle strains that plague all cyclist!
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  • 9D Technology: Special 9D material is inside our underwear. This will provide you with the comfort that you need! You will feel the effect immediately after your first ride!
  • Health Benefits: Saddle stains are brutally painful annoying and unhealthy! Every rider experiences them while doing his favorite activity and that's why the 9D Cycling Underwear was created! Unlike others our cycling underwear removes OVER 97% of saddle stains providing you with the best riding experience that you will ever have!
  • Anti-Sweat: The cycling underwear is breathable and stretchable so you can keep going all day long!
  • Extreme Durability: Our cycling underwear is made out of the highest grade materials so it is guaranteed to last a lot of time!

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