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salutem - Reflective Safety vest

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Discover the latest innovation in cycling safety!

The Salutem is more visible than a car's indicator

This is the perfect complement for:
  • all cyclists
  • children on bicycles
  • children on scooters
  • youngsters on scooters
  • Athletes at sunrise or sunset
  • Pedestrians or walkers who need to cross in the dark
  • All motorists who are unlucky at the side of the road


Small taillights and reflective vests are often noticed too late

A small, red rear light placed too low or a standard reflective vest is in many cases not quickly enough noticed by other participants in traffic. This is the only equipment that allows a bicycle to be clearly visible in the dark.


This illuminated safety vest increases visibility at night from a few metres to more than 150 metres. The LEDs in this vest are visible day and night.

 A light signal in the middle of motorists' field of vision will cause many accidents voorkomen💥.

 This Salutem safety vest is powerful enough to maintain its effectiveness in all weather conditions.


Kids love to use it

Easy to install on a school bag or children's backpack. The fun aspect of the included remote control gives children the feeling that they have their safety in their own hands.
The simplicity of using the remote control makes this product accessible to even the youngest children.


Practical, simple and universal. A light signal that will guarantee your safety from now on

This arrow-shaped flashing LED system is extremely clear to everyone. The cyclist can warn well in advance of the manoeuvre whether his intention is to go right or left.
Installing the remote control on the handlebar is done in less than 2 minutes using two small plastic clips. The remote control flashes in the same way as the vest, so you always know what is displayed on your back. The vest can be charged with a USB plug and the whole thing is exceptionally simple.

It can be worn over a thin or thick coat, but also over a backpack or school bag.

Like any other vest, the safety vest can be put on in seconds. Thanks to the two adjustable straps, it is compatible with all sizes (XS to 3XL), so one vest can be used for several members of the same family. It can be worn over a thin or thick jacket, but also over a backpack or school bag.