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Wrist Rear-view Mirror

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Stay safe in traffic

This new bike mirror gives you a clear view of cars, trucks and other cyclists, so you can stay safe when you're riding in traffic or changing lanes.

By not having to glance over the shoulder you avoid the danger of veering to the side or not reacting to what's in front of you.

Why a wrist mirror is superior to other bike mirrors
Conventional bike mirrors are fixed on bike handles, which limits your vision and create blind spots, even if you lose your time trying to perfectly adjust them.

Takes less than 10 seconds to set up

The Wrist Rear-view Mirror is fast and simple. Just wrap it around your wrist, and you're in full control of what's happening behind you! In case you need to adjust it, all you need to do is twist your wrist a little bit.

Check how easy it is to use it (click twice to play):

Light and Comfortable

You won't even feel it is there since it is made of a soft and breatheable fabric and weights only 34 grams.

Can be easily removed and stored.

The fabric also serves as protection for the mirror. When you're done riding, you can just remove it from your arm and put it away.

*The mirror comes with a thin film to protect it, make sure you remove it before using it for a clear vision.

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